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Sonography (ultrasound) is an examination that works with sound waves above the hearing threshold. The examination is not associated with any radiation exposure. In our practice, a new, high-resolution Aixplorer ultrasound device by Supersonic with a high-frequency sonic head for up to 17 MHz, colour doppler, and elastography is in use. The elastography is used for the chest region (see above). The colour doppler makes it possible to also show the blood flow.

The most frequent examinations in our practice focus on the female breast in order to rule out breast cancer. In addition, the abdominal organs as well as the thyroid are examined on a regular basis.

For an abdominal examination, please do not eat or drink anything before your appointment. Water is allowed. If you are prone to excessive flatulence, it may be useful to take Lefax before the examination (obtainable at your local pharmacy without a prescription). Thus, an appoint-ment in the morning is advisable. It is possible to assess diseases of the liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, gall bladder, aorta, lymph nodes, and lower abdominal organs. A reliable assessment of the gastrointestinal tract is not possible.

When studying the thyroid, knowing the current functional values of your thyroid is useful, and you should also tell us about your thyroid medications. An empty stomach is not required for this exam.

We do not offer vascular examinations, i.e. cervical artery, veins or examinations of the joints.

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