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Conventional X-Rays

X-ray is the oldest radiology procedure. Even today, this procedure can allow for a quick and easy overview. Is the patient suffering from a broken bone? Are the lungs inflamed? Might a bony change be the cause of your joint pain?

Heart and Lung

The rib cage is X-rayed from two directions while standing to capture all structures. The imag-ing will reveal or rule out many illnesses of the heart and the lung. In most cases, we are looking for pneumonia. In rare cases, it may become necessary to further investigate changes seen there. The next step would be a computed tomography (link) of the lungs. The radiation exposure of the images is minimal.


The skeletal X-ray images are regularly produced across 2 levels. This facilitates the exclusion of possible bone fractures, wear, and posture of the spine or joint diseases. The radiation expo-sure varies greatly depending on the region of the body.

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